About Me.

Purpose of this blog:

  1. Inspire others to live or travel abroad
  2. Educate those about an opportunity to live in Spain while teaching English


About Me

I know you’re just jumping out of your skin wanting to know the about the person behind this blog… so here she is:

Yep, that’s me.

(For the record, this is what we were trying to do):

My name is Maury and I’m from Covington, Louisiana, a suburb about 40 minutes outside of New Orleans. I live to eat, enjoy good company, and want to experience everything the world has to offer! I have a love affair with life and time is my enemy.. there just aren’t enough minutes in a day! I have an obsession with this little site you might know called Google, and swear it has the answer to everything you could possibly want to know. I have a borderline dangerous obsession with salt and sushi. I also never leave home without this baby:


^I literally go through a large canister every 4 months. If you’re from the South, you understand. Tony’s goes well on EVERYTHING just like it says on the bottle. Except maybe ice cream, but I’m sure you could still make it work. I’d rather eat two appetizers instead of dessert, which I’m pretty sure I lost half my viewership just by this one comment. But in case you’re still with me, here’s my “long-story-short” life story:

I have been very blessed to be raised by some wonderful parents who always told me I could achieve and do anything I set my mind to. I also have three older brothers, so let’s just say growing up I was never afraid to play with the boys and break a nail (or bone) in the process. I grew up as an athlete, so from a young age I was taught self-discipline, teamwork and most importantly I learned that in order to succeed, you must first take the lead.

Since I came to Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!) in 2009, I jumped from one major to another, unsure of exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I liked to travel and I enjoyed learning about other cultures and languages, but I was also torn about going into healthcare, as many members of my family have. My parents have always been extremely supportive, and after learning about a summer study abroad program in Costa Rica in 2010 through the University of New Orleans, I jumped on the opportunity and jetted off to San Ramon, Costa Rica for 5 weeks. This opened the can of worms to my following adventures.


^La Fortuna, Costa Rica

A little over a year later, I found myself sitting in classroom the first week of classes at LSU wondering where in the world my life was going. Just like every good student does, I began to daydream and surf the net, probably googling something along the lines of “quarter-life crisis”…

I swear I don’t know how this happened, but somehow I ended up on ISA’s study abroad website looking at semester abroad programs in Spain. I started looking at dates, and realized the program started in 3 weeks. I knew there was no way I could sign up for something so soon… or could I? I immediately stood up and walked out of the classroom, right in the middle of the talk about test dates. I nervously called my mom (who knew I was in a rut) and pitched her the idea starting with, “what do you think about me studying abroad for a semester?” and ending with, “it starts in three weeks..” To my surprise she answer with one word: “GO.

3 weeks later, in September 2011 I was sitting in a classroom in Salamanca, Spain.

^Salamanca, Spain my home away from home!!

So basically, when I got back I switched my major to Spanish, and eventually decided to also get a degree in International Studies.

I have taken one trip since I’ve been back from Spain, which was a three week solo backpacking trip to Costa Rica and Panama in August 2012, which was absolutely eye opening. I met some of the coolest people along the way and saw and did things I will never forget, including white water rafting in La Fortuna and zip lining followed by a bunjy jump type rope swing in Monteverde. I encourage everyone who has ever considered traveling solo to take the plunge and do it!!

^Montezuma, Costa Rica.

graduated in August 2013, and in September I took off to teaching English in Madrid, Spain through the BEDA Program. And what an incredible year it was! I traveled to 9 countries and learned a lot about the world (and myself) in the process.

In May 2014, I moved back home to New Orleans where I am now plotting my next move in life. In the mean time, I’ll be focusing on my blog, What’s Happening New Orleans writing about any and all things New Orleans.
So that’s just a little run down about me. feel free to email me at louisiananomad@gmail.com if you have any comments, questions, advice or concerns. Thanks so much for reading my blog y’all!

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