Meet Maury!

Everyone head on over to Corbett’s site to check out his new blog, and to see my answers to his Q&A about the BEDA Program! Good luck in Spain Corbett! Oh, and Geaux Tiger’s ;).

Dawgs In Valencia:

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 11.50.49 AM

Name: Maury Williams
Age: 22 (23 in March)
Program: Bilingual English Development & Assessment (BEDA)
Hometown: Covington, LA
Current location: Madrid, Spain
College: Louisiana State University — Class of 2013
Major: International Studies and Spanish
Level of Spanish fluency: Conversational

1. Why did you choose the BEDA program?I fought with myself over which program (BEDA or NALCA) I was going to do and weighed the pros and cons. You can read more on that here. The biggest pros I can think of were consistency and reliability. I KNEW when the first paycheck was going to be there, and I KNEW if I had problems Samantha and Esther would be there to help. Also, I picked Madrid over Galicia because I can travel more easily, and also honestly I can’t deal with that type of wet, windy, rainy…

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