My Fall Through Photos

So even though many of my readers are connected to me through facebook, twitter, and instagram, I am aware that many of you are not. Most of my posts on here I usually use Memes or GIFs to keep up the reader’s interest (for those who are not technologically savvy, Memes and GIFs are the photos or videos with words on them that invoke a visual emotion), but I’m aware that many of my readers (parents, grandparents namely) are interested in actually seeing my face show up at some point on my blog. This is why I went ahead and compiled a few photos of my time so far in the past couple of months. As always, remember I constantly update my post, Bucketlist: Madrid  whenever I complete something on that list, so check back every so often if you want to see if something has updated!

Before I flood you with photos, and in case you have missed a post here or there, here is a short update. I have enjoyed my free time in Madrid, but I was not happy at my job. I finally was able to sit down with the coordinator and we resolved the issue and now I am in LOVE with what I am doing and being in Madrid! I haven’t traveled as much as I would have liked, but this will all change soon, since I leave in 2 WEEKS (AHH!!!) on my backpacking trip with my boyfriend Ryan! I will first fly to Berlin and spend Christmas there, then the day after Christmas will be meeting him in London! We will spend four days in London, then 4 days in Paris for New Years, and finally 4 days in Rome before heading back to Madrid for a couple days while I work. Then, that weekend it is off to Barcelona! We are both super excited to hit the road!!

So here’s a couple photos you might have missed from my other social media accounts. I’ll try to label as much as I can!


My host mom from studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain in 2011! I got to return to see her!


The seafood selection here is just incredible.. who would have thought being so far in land.. I guess being the capital has its perks!


Visiting Segovia, a little town outside of Madrid.. it was absolutely gorgeous there!


This was in Alcala de Henares, another little suburb of Madrid. They had a fantastic Medieval festival.. I’ve never seen anything like it!


Hanging out with my roommate and his German co-workers on top of Bellas Artes, a building that overlooks almost all of Madrid. It is incredible up there


At La Caixa Forum.. This wall is covered in shrubbery.. incredible!


Sunday brunch with the ladies!


“Churros con Chocolate” outing!


Standing in front of Real Madrid’s Soccer stadium.. only about a 15 minute walk from my apartment! Soccer is a religion here.


Taking a “selfie” with Cervantes in Toledo, a little town outside of Madrid!


Again on Bellas Artes looking over the entire city of Madrid


At Retiro Park when the weather was warmer!


In Toledo.. the city sits high up and is fortified so you can see for miles around


Segovia’s Roman Aqueduct. It is still in perfect shape!


Brian, A member of the Backstreet boys, my favorite boy band as a kid.. We stood outside for a couple hours just to see them drive past! One of the funniest nights since I’ve been here


Hanging out with friends.. Can’t remember what’s going on here but what ever it was.. it was funny!


There was a 2 week long trash strike while we were here… It was so disgusting!


Thanksgiving dinner with some friends! My friend Allison, bottom right came to visit me for Thanksgiving weekend from Italy where she i babysitting for a family!


Orientation.. Where we learned what we had gotten ourselves into!


Snow day!


Again, at my favorite place in Madrid, on top of the Bellas Artes building watching the sunset over the world


Site seeing in Madrid at night with new friends! Taken the first week I was here.




Right before sitting down to eat our fantastic Thanksgiving potluck feast


My roommates!


Having a glass of wine with friends trying to stay toasty!


I went back to my building where I went to class everyday in 2011!


Segovia at Sunset


Holding a ham leg at my Spanish host family’s house! My goal is to buy one of these things and eat it before I leave!


Spanish meat market


Plaza de Cibeles! Watching the Bike Race finish in Madrid that is the equivalent to the “Tour De France”

You can't see it.. but I'm standing right there!

Watching the Bike Race!


Tapas on Tapas


Churros con Chocolate


Mercado de San Miguel.. My favorite place to eat and window shop for food in Madrid!


So pretty 🙂


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