Airport Blues

Well, the day to leave has come, and I sit here writing this in the New Orleans airport. My mom drove me here, insisting I get to the airport 3 hours early. There is one thing I somehow never got from my mom, and that was the idea that if you’re not obnoxiously early, you are LATE. So here I am, sitting in the airport bar… I mean terminal.. drinking a bloody..I mean water. Lots and lots of water hydrating for my flight, with several hours to kill.

Hydrating before the flight

My itinerary is as follows: New Orleans to Miami, an hour layover and then off to Madrid on a red eye. (Hopefully I get to my second flight on time!) I arrive in Madrid at 1pm. I have my watch set to Madrid time now, so it is currently 11:30pm there, 4:30pm here. 7 hour time difference. That means, in 14 hours I should be landing in Madrid!

My leaving comes bittersweet, as I leave behind the people I love and move towards a city I am soon to call home. I have no idea what’s in store for me, which is probably the scariest part of all. But to quote my favorite tv show, “if you’re not scared, you’re not taking a risk. And if you’re not taking a risk, what the hell are doing?!” (How I Met Your Mother) so hey, I guess I’m right on schedule!


It’s really ironic how unprepared I feel. All I have talked about and planned for the past 6 months is now here, and I still feel less prepared than in 2011 when I found out I was going to study abroad in Spain and left 3 weeks later. It really seems like the more time you have, the more you have to do!

But whether I’m ready or not, it’s go time. No regrets. No looking back. Head up, and move forward. See you soon, España.


7 thoughts on “Airport Blues

  1. love that Margie, she wants to be sure you’re on time and hey,., there could have been a back up on the bridge. Have a blast! We were just in the Miami airport, could have told you about some good Cuban food.

  2. says:


    Trying to imagine the situation you are experiencing these last few hours after the plane “plopped” you down on Spanish soil……..we are thrilled you are having this opportunity for adventure and personal growth. Thank you for that last sweet visit…..take care, Louisiana Nomad!



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