How to find a budget-friendly plane ticket

^As I searched for flights to buy, this is all I could think! That is why here I am going to outline the best sites and the best ways to find the cheapest flight you possibly can.

First, here are my favorite sites to find budget flights:– this is the perfect flight search site if you have flexible dates.– a student or under 26 discount site- I saved at least $300 by booking through this site!– also a student or under 26 discount site. I tend to find cheaper flights on STA Travel though.– my favorite for when it comes to flights between European destinations.

Other ones I have heard that are good but don’t have experience with are Airfare Watchdog, Momondo, and Yapta.

Tips to finding the cheapest flights:

-for international travel, book 8-12 weeks out

check during the week (Tuesday, Wednesday) for the lowest prices versus the weekends. this is when most people are thinking about vacations, and in turn companies jack up the prices

if you are a student or under 26, you qualify for discounts and can save an incredible amount of money on transatlantic flights by booking through Student Universe or STA travel. All you have to do is prove you are a student or your age.

round trip flights can be much less expensive than one way– unless again you book through the student sites! So even if you don’t know when you are returning and just want to buy a one way, check both types of tickets!

-don’t forget about your frequent flier miles! I’m hesitant to even mention this, but if you have been contemplating opening a credit card (DISCLAIMER: ONLY do this if you have good spending habits!! Credit issues are not something to take lightly.), doing so before you need to buy a big flight might be the best time to do so! Many companies offer great deals for opening up an account with them. In my case, I plan to get a credit card for basic use while I’m abroad, while keep another one in the US to pay for expenses I have back home.

Book with comfort in mind. if there is one flight that is 18 hours long with 2 layovers for $560, and one flight that is 12 hours long with 1 layover for $610, do yourself a favor and buy the second one. You will not miss that $50 in 2 months if it means that much more comfort and that much less of an ordeal.

I bought my one-way ticket yesterday through STA Travel from New Orleans to Madrid with one layover in Miami for 2 hours. The total price came out to be $544. I am a little ticked, because the day before I bought it the price was $525, but because the times were so perfect and I kept watching similar flights disappear, I felt the need to  spend the extra $20 and buy the ticket, even though I’m sure I will look Monday and the price will be back down. but hey, what’s $20 when I now have peace of mind?! I’m officially headed to Madrid Sept. 2!!

Now let’s all stop and just say a little prayer that this is my life on Sept. 2:

Everyone has different strategy. Where have you had success in finding a cheap flight?

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