And My Decision Is… *DRUMROLL PLEASE!*

Just so my Facebook-ers don’t cheat, I’m not telling you the answer until you click on the link for my blog ;). So instead, I’m going to show you a picture of Grumpy Cat, and tell you a little story about how I made my decision!

Grumpy Cat

^Are you excited about finding out my decision?! I’m guessing this was most of your reactions, but somehow you’re here any way…

Have you ever had such a hard decision to make that it kept you all night? No? Just me? Well that’s what happened last night.. In between studying for my final-Okay, studying for my final in between researching Spain- I shot a few emails in every which direction, made about a dozen pro/con lists, and even thought about praying to the high heavens…WHENNNN Lordy Be! (in my best fake-southern accent possible) It just came to me!

It all came down to one simple little question: “Why am I moving to Spain?”

Sound’s simple enough, right? Well that’s the thing.. it is VERY simple:


I want to see the Berlin Wall. I want to go back to one of my favorite countries: Italy. I want to see Auschwitz. I want to go see the birthplace of the Olympics. I want to decide which area produces my favorite wine. and food. I want to see Stonehenge. I want to go to the beaches of Normandy. I want to go to Istanbul and eat lunch in Europe, and dinner in Asia. I want to go to Barcelona just because I feel like it, and do all of this without worrying about breaking the bank or spending 7 hours on a bus first. I. Want. To. Travel.

So that places me in?!



The beach is for summer. At least in my book. I’m from Louisiana.. My blood freezes at 40 degrees. If it’s raining, at 55. Galicia is comparable to Northwestern US weather. There is a reason I don’t plan to live in Seattle. Not because I don’t want to.. it’s on my to do list to go there for sure! It seems like a fantastic place to be! But with winter months that are rainy, windy, and cold, and overcast 3/4ths of the time? I’m not sure I could do it. I’m pretty sure I have “Rainy Day Depression Syndrome”.. if that’s a thing ;). I tend to get all sad and all “I’m going to try to finish 3 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in 48 hours” when the weather is like that.

The more I looked through Galicia’s Auxiliares Facebook Page, the more I realize most people moving there are indeed from the Pacific Northwest of the US. Coincidence? I think not. I just want to clarify I have the utmost respect for those who actually are moving there.. I hear the culture, the people, the food and more are absolutely amazing, and I completely understand why you would want to sacrifice those couple of months of dreary rainy weather. It looks like a WONDERFUL place, which is exactly why you will finding me visiting VERY often… just maybe once Spring is in season :). I even am considering moving there for a month or so in the summer, when the sun is out!! That’s when I hear the weather is fantastic, and the best of Galicia comes out.

As for Madrid, I had a conversation with my coordinator for the BEDA Program and expressed my concerns. The worst part about my commute to Tres Cantos was the 26 minute walk once you get off the commuter train (it only takes about 30 min from where I want to live to actually get to Tres Cantos). As it turns out, it is actually quite common to bring bikes on the commuter trains!! This is HUGE, and was another big part in making my decision. From door to door, I will probably have a 40-45 minute commute total, which is considerably less than what many people have in Madrid!

I know most people picked the beach as their “if it were me” picks. I REALLY appreciated your input!! It was very cool to see everyone’s responses. I was DEFINITELY leaning towards La Coruña up until I made my decision last night. It’s just I realized how much I would be giving up by going there, as much as I would be gaining. If the school year stretched through the summer months, then A Coruña might have been my choice. But at this point, I am VERY excited about “re-choosing” Madrid! Hey, what’s the worst thing that happens.. I run out of money and get stuck exploring Madrid some weekends? Life is rough, eh?

I feel like I just got my acceptance letter all over again :). Madrileños, I’m coming for y’all!!

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