Decisions, Decisions.

Well, what once was a clear-cut decision is now taking a turn for the different!

When I first started this blog, I was positive that if I were to receive a placement with the BEDA Program, I would immediately take the position. In my eyes, BEDA is the most practical choice. It is reliable. it pays well. they have wonderful coordinators that are there to help you with your every need. They set up your bank account for you. They help you get your NIE (I will explain what this is down the road). What is not to love about this opportunity? The answer is nothing.

So, I’m sure you can see what’s coming- I am now starting to second guess my decision. Most of you may ask.. but why?

As some of you know, when I got my placement for the NALCA program, I was placed in the region of Murcia. Now, I have heard Murcia is a GORGEOUS region- I would LOVE to be there, and many people love it dearly. BUT the NALCA program in Murcia is notorious for serious, serious payment issues. Some people can save up and afford to go to Spain knowing their next paycheck may not come for 3 months; however as I am going to be a fresh grad from college, clearly this is not an option for me.

Soon after receiving this placement, I happened to discover a facebook page for auxiliares wanting to switch places. After trying to get someone to switch my Murcia placement for their Madrid placement to no avail, I made up my mind I would reject my Murcia placement, and simply take the BEDA position. One day later, I received a notification from a girl in Galicia wanting to switch into Murcia to be with her friend. On a whim, I decided to go ahead and let her switch with me, since I would soon be rejecting my placement anyway. I had never really heard of the region, but hey! I’d be helping a fellow auxiliar out.

Thanks to my curiosity and my best friend Google, my mind started thinking through hypotheticals. I started daydreaming and doing some research on the region of Galicia, and to my surprise, Galicia not only is one of the most reliable regions in the NALCA program, but it is also on the coast and is BEAUTIFUL!!


^ummmm is this for real?! I couldn’t believe she wanted to switch- she must have a VERY good friend in Murcia!

For those also interested in switching, we both emailed:, and she also called them to give them a little “nudge”.. to which she got a very quick response.

After we received confirmation that we were switched, on a whim I emailed the Galicia’s coordinator to see if I could request a specific location/school.. I had nothing to lose, right? The following day, I received an email with my placement, and it was EXACTLY what I had asked for! I received a placement in the city center of A Coruña, a beautiful coastal town (see the photo above)! I had also requested 6-12 year olds (I heard high school kids are IMPOSSIBLE to teach because they do not want to learn, and tend to make your life a bit more miserable), and they fulfilled this request as well!

So here’s comes my pro and cons list:

BEDA- Madrid


-I get to live in Madrid, where you can never be bored!

-Traveling is easy and cheap

-1200 euros per month


-harder to be immersed in Spanish because its an international city

-no coast

-one hour commute each way to work everyday: a total work commitment of 34 hours

– the money we get is taxed 😦

-we work 5 days per week, plus the occasional friday class meaning less travel (no matter how cheap those flights are from madrid!)

– expensive, expensive, expensive


NALCA- A Coruña


-coastal town- beautiful!

-easier immersion because there are barely any english speakers

-only 12 hours per week commitment with NO commute time, which means plenty of time to make extra cash with tutoring and travel more

-WAY cheaper day-to-day costs

– GREAT seafood (my favorite!!)


-only 700 euro per month (non-taxed, which is less guaranteed money than BEDA, but way more per hour!)

-traveling is much more difficult, but not impossible- there are 3 airports around

-during the winter months it rains alot :/

– less reliable than BEDA to get paid on time, but is still the most reliable in NALCA

I still haven’t made my decision, but plan to by the end of this week. I have a LOT of thinking to do and really have to decide what my priorities are. Sometimes I find myself complaining that I have to make a decision, but then I remind myself just how dang lucky I am to even have one, let alone TWO amazing opportunities! I know no matter where I choose it will end up being an amazing experience, its just so hard to choose between two completely different but equally great opportunities! As cheesy as it sounds, it looks like I am going to have follow my heart on this one.


If you were in my position, which offer would you take?

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